I am not a fan of BBC News but on this occasion applaud them for this useful dataset.

I have witnessed many conversations with people sounding off about what ‘they think’ rather than ‘what they know’ about Covid-19.

So if you think the pandemic is over, or you think it is still very much alive, then you can check it out for yourself – where you live!

Here is the link to the article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51768274 and all you need is your postcode.

Results for my postcode show – I interpret – we are NO LONGER IN A PANDEMIC (defined as a global epidemic). I am not ignoring events in India and there are travel restrictions in place for good reason.

Compare this with historical data for death rates in Arun.

Arun’s population was 159,827 (2018; Source ONS).