The big news on the block is wearable technology and I have been experimenting with FitBit a band that you wear on your wrist and it records your activity and sleep.

Why would you do that? Ask yourself some questions:

Does your health and wellbeing matter to you?
Is your sense you are lapsing into a sedentary lifestyle?
Do those clothes you bought last year feel a little more snug?

Wearable technology like FitBit is our consciousness providing a reminder to balance our lifestyle – what we eat, the amount of exercise we take and the sleep we need to function and keep well.

There is vast choice of wearable technology from Nike, Garmin, Sony and many more. Google and Apple and doubtless many ‘in a garage developers’ are furiously working to develop the app that will deliver their fortune.

Don’t watch this space, get involved, be a wearer or if you have the skills become a developer.

Check out what Google are doing and those clever folks at Apple and the new iWatch.

Here is a quote from a book Thinking of…Joining a Gym? Ask the Smart Questions you may want to read: The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this – Decide what you want!