Where are the bad guys?

A lot of time and money is allocated by businesses to protect them from cyber risks that are external and that is the correct action but is there another risk already in the building?

According to a recent survey the answer is YES. What the, how can that be?

Well the people at Statista have put together a chart from figures produced by IBM. More commentary at most-cyber-attacks-are-an-inside-job

The thing is, will we now be looking over our shoulders and more than ever vigilant about what our work colleagues are up to.  Hey, you are quiet today, you up to no good?  Clearly that is out of order.  The chart tells the story, someone in the business today could be up to no good.  So how is that going to be policed and what is the responsibility of an employee to blow the whistle?

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Read this blog to know why this is so important.

Director’s Dilemma

If you are a Director of a company then this is of high importance as the UK Corporate Governance Code states that: All directors should receive induction on joining the board and should regularly update and refresh their skills and knowledge.  Cyber crime is typically left to security experts as a technical discipline but the buck stops with board and it is they who vote on the allocation of resources appropriate to the risk.  How can you make that judgement if you don’t understand the risks and so this is yet another discipline that Directors need to be savvy. That risk has just been highlighted as being ‘down the corridor’.

What questions arise?