Yup, business is consumed with Digital Transformation. Is this conversation a story created by the technology sector (we have solutions to sell) or the reality that business is now reinventing / revisioning / reimagining / reverything as the economy wakes up from COVID? That business model that served us pre-pandemic, doesn’t look like it is gonna make it. Wait, we need a Digital Transformation strategy.

So who came up with the the term ‘Digital Transformation’? Who cares? As a salesperson working for Wang I talked up the ‘Paperless Office’. It was, umhh, in hindsight, naive. I bought a printer last month and while it is true I am more selective how much I print (printer cartridges are expensive) I still use paper. Just like everyone else.

Two things to report.

  1. An article brought to my attention that points to demand for digital savvy people to join boards. Click here to read the article and read why this is significant. If you are selling Digital Transformation you need to read this!
  2. A compliment from a consultant who uses a book I co-authored in their client assignments. Strategy is good but at some point in time that has to be put into practice. The book covers both bases, formulating strategy through to get on with the job to be done. Good news, the book is still free to download from microsoft.com, click here and scroll to the bottom of the page.