What presents did you get this Christmas? How many were technology toys? Tech is pervasive in our lives. Can you imagine 72 hours without access to the Internet? 24 hours without access to your mobile phone network? No Facebook, no Twitter, no WhatsApp, just silence. We might have to make conversation – how do we do that?

Now we are dependant on all our gadgets, what is next up?

What big changes are happening even though we might not YET be aware of their significance?

The eradication of physical coins and notes. How many establishments refused to take a coin or note for payment due to Covid-19?

No access to medical treatment. Unless you pay. The NHS will treat you as an emergency but otherwise take a look in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Want an appointment with your doctor – no chance. Send in a picture of your ailment and I will call you back. My true story! Tele-medicine and it is here to stay!

End of, just popping to the shops. Online won hands down. Social isolation for some. New friendships with delivery drivers (champions) for others. Dan at DPD watch out when emerging from behind your van for cyclists!

Let’s go out and eat. They are closed. Will have to be a take-away. UberEats saves the day.

It is the ‘New Normal’. For the savvy it is the ‘New World Order’.

Back to the tech angle.

Big under the radar tech that will shape our future lives.

Robots. This includes autonomous vehicles. Machines do the work of humans.

Blockchain. The infrastructure that will allow us to transact without the need for coins and notes and it is coming real soon. No more cards to lose! Bad news for fraudsters!

Artificial Intelligence. Frustrated that you can’t speak to anyone when you call a large business. That is only going to get more frustrating.

Put just these three things together and think about the impact on jobs.

We are heading into a society of have and have not. You have a job, you don’t have a job and there are no vacancies.

You happy with this scenario? Welcome to a new decade like no other!

Am I alone? No listen to this and make up your own mind. Not for the faint hearted!

OK so the video has been deleted by the Fact Checkers. Now, why have Fact Checkers been allowed to insert themselves as ‘censors’ and override our human rights of freedom of expression? Our weak government has allowed global (mainly mega US corporations) to trample over the rights of UK citizens. I ask you, who runs the world, the government we elect or mega corporations? You happy with that? I am not! Want to read more about your rights go to my blog at https://frankbennett.co.uk/fact-checkers-or-gatekeepers/