It is well publicised that security is one of the hot topics of cloud computing.  As a topic security is being elevated across many aspects of society and technology is both the problem and answer to many questions about security.  It is a very broad topic ranging from organised cyber crime through to privacy of personal data.

There is no silver bullet and many people are working to understand the issues and challenges and how to solve them but it is a moving target.  The recent Computers, Privacy and Data Protection Conference in January 2015 is a great resource to find out who’s who in the world of security and you can view video recordings of the conference panels.

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I draw to your attention that your PC, your tablet, your mobile, your Smart TV, the ATM you use all have security vulnerabilities but that does not stop you using them.  You take safeguards, some technology enabled others common sense like shielding your PIN number and not sharing your passwords.  Have you installed anti-virus on your smartphone?

Here is what ENISA report on cloud security.

The European Union agency for Network Information and Security (ENISA) is the EU’s response to cyber security issues. Their statement about security and cloud computing reveals an interesting point of view that is often overlooked.

‘Put simply, all kinds of security measures are cheaper when implemented on a larger scale. Therefore the same amount of investment in security buys better protection. This includes all kinds of defensive measures such as filtering, patch management, hardening of virtual machine instances and hypervisors, human resources and their management and vetting, hardware and software redundancy, strong authentication, efficient role-based access control and federated identity management solutions by default, which also improves the network effects of collaboration among various partners involved in defense (sic).’

So I say; Stop bashing cloud security.