Most salespeople have heard of or use SPIN. This hugely popular method devised by Neil Rackham is a bible for salespeople and stands for Situation Problem Implication Need. It is used by a sales person to learn about and qualify a customer’s needs, requirements, interest and motivation.

More recently social selling came along and put a new spin on SPIN. How is that? Well for SPIN to work you have to have an audience with the customers and that is increasingly difficult. Why is that? Simply, buyers (customers) are engaging sellers later and later in their buying cycle and using the Internet to create a shortlist of vendors they will consult so you may never get to put SPIN to work.

Now you have to figure out how to put yourself into the customer’s buying cycle and that is the reason to turn to social selling. If you have completed your market segmentation and created a target account list then the next job is to figure out how to approach them and that requires insight to put together a communication that is timely and relevant, one that will grab their attention.

This is prospecting for business and there are hard ways to do that and better ways using social selling. Social Selling spin for those that need to start prospecting intelligently now.

Can you do better?  Respect to the creator of SPIN.

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