You are a consumer and you use the Internet to search for the products and services that interest you.  Before you buy you check out forums for reviews and may use price comparison web sites.  Your buyer experience is totally different to five years ago.  Buyer behaviour has changed so Seller behaviour must change also and that is true in the B2C and B2B world of commerce.  Read on for more insights about Social Selling and Social Sellers.

Recently I introduced the idea of Social Selling to Avnet Technology Solutions UK, the UK subsidiary of a $26Bn global distributor of IT products.  My role as Consultant to the company was to ramp the skill and productivity of its partners.  Avnet is a distributor for many of the world’s leading IT companies, IBM, HP, Oracle, VMware and the list goes on.  Avnet’s partners productivity directly affects the success of Avnet and the suppliers it represents and listed before.

Social Selling.  What’s that I hear you say?

You are in sales and your job is to go win business with existing customers and/or net new customers.  Your competitors are chasing the same money and you are all vying for the attention of the customer.  Does it come down to who is most persistent or are there are other factors?

Let’s back up a moment.  What is that you think your customers expect of you as a supplier?  Surveys suggest that buyers are not getting what they expect from suppliers.  To test this; buyers replied  YES or NO to the following question: are vendor salespeople frequently prepared for your meetings?  Click here for the questions and answers to be revealed.

Now have I strayed off the subject of Social Selling?  No because the Q & A that I directed you to points to reasons why suppliers need to address some important aspects of what their buyers expect of them and Social Selling is part of the solution.

Anything else?  Yes.  Buyers are more savvy thanks to the Internet and engaging with sellers later in their buying cycle.  What does that mean for sellers?   Click here to know more.

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