It seems that social selling is not understood by everybody and that can surface in a number of ways.

Conversation trail: Customers are involving me later in their buying cycle and it is much more difficult for me as a salesperson. I mean, as we speak, I could be qualified out of an opportunity by a customer that I don’t even know about. Have you heard about social selling?  I don’t want my customers on my Facebook.

It is one of those moments, do you stay in the conversation or bale and it set me thinking; if salespeople believe that exposing their Facebook to customers is social selling then what do they need to know?

Free resources:

1.  Read about changing buyer behaviour and customers’ expectation of their vendors.  Have you read The Challenger Sale?

2.  Is you job getting more or less complex? 5 Trends you should know about that will affect you in 2016.

3.  Pay attention to your LinkedIn profile. Get involved in Groups and post discussions and comment on other’s posts. Did you know there are 400M people on LinkedIn and less that 1% post anything. Join an elite group. Build your brand.

4.  Be active on Twitter. Follow your customers and people. You think Twitter is not relevant. Think again.

5.  Check out free resources from companies like Artesian who have free resources so you never make a howler per the conversation above.

Basic stuff. Or is it?