Most people think of capital as money in your pocket or bank.  Add to that human and social capital.  After a conversation with Penny Power I realise capital (money) is more than one piece in a jigsaw that stands for who you are, your values, your beliefs and what makes you interesting and tick. You may or may not have money but everyone has the ability to develop their human and social capital.

The Internet has made this possible and provided a voice for everyone and the means to connect with anyone and that is the simplest form of expression of your human and social capital.  Are you exploiting this to your advantage?  You may reply, I don’t need to, on the other hand you may be in a profession or have a cause that you care about and want to promote.  If you are starting out or looking for ideas then click here to read what a social media expert is talking about.

If you want to benchmark your influence then create an account with Klout.  Why bother?  Your human and social capital is hard to quantify stand-alone and if your purpose is to build that up then you need a benchmark to know how you are performing in the wider world and to know if your are growing your capital.  It all sounds bizarre but if you are serious then this is the way it is today – so do you want to be a player with capital!