The top jobs and top money. What is ahead for boards and are you ready to take on those challenges?

I was awarded the Financial Times Non-Executive Director Professional Diploma in 2015 and take a keen interest in reading about those things that affect my performance as a member of boards.

It’s Digital and it’s potent

I write about IT and how its is business DNA and core to the success or potential failure of an organisation. Recently I blogged about cybercrime and how important it is for this to be on the agenda of every board meeting and it was intriguing to read that this also features in a report by Grant Thornton title: Boards of the future РSteering organisations to thrive. You can download a copy when you click here.

Here are the remarks from the report about cyber-crime and collaboration.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.16.20

Regarding collaboration this is an area that is addressed by companies like Microsoft and Google whose products, Office 365 and Google Apps for Work respectively, delivered in the Cloud, are superb platforms for delivering affordable collaboration in the supply chain. I wrote about this in books I had published for Microsoft and Google and this is going to remain topical for a long time. For more information on how this plays out on a global scale and the ecosystems that are the connectors for collaboration click here.

More than just Digital

The report calls out the priorities: Boards of the future: steering organisations to thrive uncovers burning priorities for boards and shareholders worldwide which need addressing as a matter of urgency: ensuring diversity of composition and boosting digital expertise.

Read on and it is not all about digital, that is just one of the big components in focus for Boards. Here is a picture from the report and I encourage you to download the report if you aspire to be a board member or just want to be better informed of the challenges that boards deal with.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.33.28

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