In a recent report published by Salesforce’s research arm they reveal something that you might be interested to know if you are in sales.  Their first ever ‘State of Sales’ report reveals the secrets of high performance sales teams.

Can you guess their secrets?

The report is free and can be downloaded by clicking here

One less well kept secret is the rise of ‘social selling’ and how this is changing seller’s behaviour in response to changing buyer behaviours. Click here for a quick introduction to social selling.

One more thing. There are some that are forecasting a decline in the number of B2B sales jobs. Also the propensity for companies to hire salespeople is changing and they are increasingly building their inside sales teams and that is a different skill set to field sales. Research reveals that inside sales individual and team productivity is exceeding that of field sales team and continuing a five year trend average inside sales compensation rose to record highs in 2015.

Click here for more insights on B2B SaaS companies on key inside sales metrics including group structure, ramp and retention, quota and compensation, activity & technology and leadership.