A provocative title and one that came to mind after reading a a book ‘The Shocking History of the EU’ by Vernon Coleman ISBN 9781092557894

Two big recent events have nominated life in Britain. Brexit, and more recently Covid-19. Are they related?

Here is the thing, Brexit is done, well, we still have the divorce settlement (the small matter of £35-39Bn to be paid to the EU) and is no longer talked about as the news is all about Covid.

Our health service is reported to be on its knees. A queue of 5, or is that 10 million people, waiting for treatment, and a backlog that will take 10 or more years to clear. The divorce settlement would go along way to helping clear that backlog. Recall our Prime Minister’s (BoJo) pledge to put £350M a week into the NHS. Sorry, in case you don’t realise, you were lied to!

Back to the book.

You may have been a remainer or a leaver. What did you base your decision on? If you relied on the BBC (Biased, Bought, Corrupt) national broadcaster to help make your decision, then you were duped.

Let’s go back in history. You will know about World War II. Do you know about the secretive Bank for International Settlements (The Bank of England is a Member)? Do you know about the bank’s connection with helping fund World War II? Do you make the assumption that they funded Britain, not the Nazis? Read the book to know the truth.

My realisation is, and reason for writing this blog, is that I have been served up propaganda and false information about Brexit (and the BBC is a culprit) and the history (beginning before World War II) that preceded the Brexit referendum.

I fear the same propaganda and false information is being spread about Covid.

Call me a skeptic, conspiracist, nutter, I ain’t accepting anymore the drivel reporting of the BBC and Main Stream Media (MSM). Here is an example of how the BBC distorts reporting of news. Why did the BBC choose to show a picture of a middle aged man on a ventilator (reported to have Covid) when the majority of Covid deaths are among those aged over 80?

How did I come about the book? My postman gave it to me. They are awake and aware that if you seek the truth then you need to look elsewhere than the BBC and MSM. You decide.