So I rock up at Wetherspoon’s in Bognor Regis and find this magazine on my table. Inside it covers an alternative ‘Point Of View’ on the Covid-19 narrative. That is, alternative to the often misleading narrative of the mainstream media, BBC, ITV, CNN, Fox, who revel in counting deaths. Morbid lot. Am I talking rubbish? Go get a pint and a ‘substantial meal’ at a great value Wetherspoons pub and read the magazine for yourself.

Many people are talking Covid-19 bollocks because they are misinformed. Here are two examples. The World Health Organisation state: Lockdowns are ineffective. Masks are ineffective. You will read this in the magazine. Social distancing is effective. The WHO advice contradicts two key platforms of UK Government’s messaging. What else are they saying that is misinforming you? More importantly, what are they NOT telling you? You can read my other recent blogs if you want to find out!

Groupthink gang – all out of the same mould. A bunch of power hungry wafflers. So much for diversity!

The Maginot Line – Military experts extolled the Maginot Line as a work of genius, believing it would prevent any further invasions from the east. While the fortification system did prevent a direct attack, it was strategically ineffective, as the Germans invaded through Belgium, outflanking the Maginot Line.

Fancy a pint or G&T before you charge off to get in line for your vaccine?