Are you among the lucky, perhaps connected to a high ranking person in government and now stinking rich? No. Neither am I.

This government is under duress and inspection for shady dealings that have made some people stinking rich out of the pandemic. Is that fair, with 250,000 SME business gone to the wall, countless households facing hardship and growing indebtedness? Ho hum, it just public money, chuck it on top of the huge national debt and no one will notice.

Thanks to The Good Law project the wrongdoing of this government has not gone unnoticed. Report as of 17 March 2021 all credit to Good Law Project. Read on and gasp! Better still, write to your MP and express your angry and horror.

So, is the government and its shady ministers off the hook? No.

In summing the Judge had this to say.

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The government is elected to SERVE US, not profit FROM US!