There is currently a petition that demands the UK Government ‘Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination’.

If you are minded to support this petition go to

I have spoken with people who will kill to get the vaccine and others that point-blank refuse the vaccine. It is a deeply divisive matter that will cause the same kind of friction and consequences of the Brexit vote. I know people that ejected friends once they had declared how they voted for Brexit.

The matter of vaccine is different. We will be asked to inject a hastily developed vaccine tested on (they say) 42,000 people. In the space of a few months it has been given the all clear. So, do you trust the trials and are prepared to put your health on the line? If you look at the statistics, then unless you are aged 70+ with pre-existing medical conditions the likelihood of Covid-19 proving fatal are small. What assurances is the Government offering with indemnity in case of you suffering a vaccine injury to include death?

Indemnity: security or protection against a loss or other financial burden.

Have you see anything about indemnity accompanying the news about the vaccine? Read this!


You are the sole breadwinner. Your employer insists you have the vaccine otherwise you can not come to work. You agree. Two weeks later you suffer a terrible reaction to the vaccine (a vaccine injury) for which there is no treatment and you can no longer work. Your savings are already depleted from surviving two lockdowns and reduced pay under furlough. You have a mortgage and a family to provide for.

Check out what you might be entitled to under welfare? Will that meet all your financial commitments? You look for compensation. Don’t bother, there is NONE!

Your have a choice, take the vaccine, or not. That is why the petition is so important, so you can exercise choice without limitation.

Read the Nuremberg Code to know that your rights are preserved to decline the vaccine.

A good source of reference at

Will you accept being forcibly detained, restrained and have the vaccine, without your consent, to be injected in your body?

It will never happen. Really?

The majority of the population have been put in a state of fear and panic by the media. I had an acquaintance attacked and beaten senseless for not wearing a mask in a supermarket. When you have to visibly display you have the vaccine then what is to say further attacks on those that choose not to have the vaccine won’t occur. And will that be treated as assault, GBH, murder or just put down as another Covid-19 related death? A cynical view but the statistics lie and used to cover up the real truth about deaths occurring from Covid-19.

Do you refuse or decline the vaccine?

There is an order, or a law, that says you must agree to be vaccinated.

The use of each word may be important.

You ‘refuse’ the vaccine. Is that disobedience? Perhaps there will be consequences and you are carted off to be strapped down and forcibly vaccinated or exiled to Wales. Sorry, bad humour!

Your decline with reasons. What reasons? I am prepared to be vaccinated if:

You will confirm that the vaccine is 100% safe.

You will indemnify me (see definition above).

Both to be confirmed in an affidavit signed by a Minister of State.

Now you are not refusing, you are agreeing subject to creating a contract for which you have the The Nuremberg Code as your guardian. This scenario, as I describe, may or may not develop and will likely involve hotly contested legal proceedings. That is for the future. Right now you can do something in a few seconds by signing the petition when you click here.

Healthy neighbours?

Health and lifestyle and booze and ciggies and obesity and exercise and where are we today?

The world is increasingly obsessed with gathering data and analysing it.

Here is, IMO, a fascinating use of data to draw attention to our nation’s health.

You can access the information published by Office for National Statitsics at

Do you live in a healthy place?

Explore for yourself at

Wake up stupid!

December 4 2020 and I reach the pensionable age of 66.

I’ve had the wool pulled over my eyes during my 66 years but I am wised up now. I have a healthy cynical disregard for authority and particularly when it defies common sense. We are in the midst of an event (Covid-19) that defies all common sense and reveals how stupid most of the population is. Yes, I expect to get thrashed for saying that, but I stand by my words. Hey I hear you say; you are way out of line. Am I too critical? Are you critical enough and applying critical thinking to a events of today? Click here to check my views on critical thinking.

Am I the only one pointing out the wrongs of those in authority that are controlling the narrative about Covid-19? They stoke up fear and panic and now we are on the verge of the removal of one of our most basic freedoms. What do the ‘stupid’ say? Go ahead, stick a vaccine in me cos I don’t want to die.

I am not the only one who knows that there is a sinister agenda at work here. Our forefathers earned over centuries the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today. Now the stupid want to allow those to be taken away in a few months. I wonder what the historians will write about this generation? Even with better education, better food, better medical care, a welfare system (envy of the world) they got complacent.

Here is the definition of complacent: A complacent person is very pleased with themselves or feels that they do not need to do anything about a situation, even though the situation may be uncertain or dangerous.

The last words ‘uncertain’ and ‘dangerous’ characterise where we are today.

What do you normally (or should) do when you facing uncertainty or danger? Stuck for an answer?

Read this and then consider again how you might answer the question.

Read the background story from a doctor at

Is this the real story?

Is Covid-19 the real story or a cover for something else? You have heard the expression ‘follow the money’? Are we dealing with a disease or something else? Content with what you hear from main stream media (BBC, CNN, Fox etc.) or are growing increasingly skeptical?

Covid-19 is being reported in real-time. Twitter is full of clashes between those that support lockdown and those that do not. Where next? Clashes between those that want (really want) the vaccine never mind it is the fastest vaccine ever developed and there are safety concerns over vaccine injury. Is that why UK Government has tendered a contract to locate a software developer skilled in AI to develop analysis of Covid-19 vaccine injuries? Odd? I think they fully anticipate vaccine injuries and in great numbers to warrant AI analysis.

There are others that talk about the Deep State, the Cabal, the Illuminati, the New World Order 2021 and 2030, the Great Reset. Is it all tosh?

Are you curious to know more? Are you confused by the events surrounding Covid-19 and looking for some sense of ‘is this for real?’. What’s in store for us next?

Would it surprise you to know publicly available historical documents describe exactly what is happening today. Odd? They referred to a pandemic, that pandemic now have as a name, Covid-19.

Listen to this fascinating discussion that references Johnson, Gove, Trump and many others who are centre stage controlling the Covid-19 narrative.

This interview was listed on YouTube November 2020. It is controversial so may well be removed by the censors. See my blog to read about the ‘illegal’ work of the censors.

Go to to know more, so you understand more about the world you live in and what’s up next. Not for the timid!

I want control of my data

For a while now the EU has been challenging the market power of large US businesses like Google and Facebook. It is well documented that data privacy in the USA lags behind that in the EU. In the EU we have GDPR that harmonises data privacy (derogations excepted) across all member states. In the USA it is not harmonised with each state determining its own laws, with California (ironic given it is the home of the companies mentioned above) leading the way.

A Press Release from the EU on 25 November proposes changes to data sharing across the EU.

Concerned about how your data is used by those you share it with?

Read the article at

Fact checkers or gatekeepers?

I know a number of people who have been ejected from Twitter , Facebook and YouTube. When I say ejected, fact checkers have decided that if your freedom of expression (see 1. below) is incompatible with their own ‘undeclared’ source of reference, then you are deemed to be wrong. That is not fact checking, that is censorship.

Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998 states:

In 2. above, freedoms are qualified and not guaranteed. The year 1998 precedes the global rise to fame and influence of Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. These organisations have inserted themselves into the Human Rights Act as the arbitrator of our freedom of speech. I question that, on what authority do they act as an arbitrator of the law?

Is that it, we just suffer now at the whim of these public companies all of whom are incorporated in the USA. What happened to our sovereignty? It just got kicked down the road. We elected a government to represent us and they just got moved aside by mega corporations. What does that say about who controls the world today?

What one thing characterised 2020?


How many people now know the term PCR?

How many know what it stands for?

How many believe (because they only listen to Main Stream Media (MSM)) that the PCR test confirms the existence of Covid-19?

How many people are aware that a legal challenge will expose the flawed (downright misleading) information about Covid-19 and PCR of the MSM that has created fear in the population. The legal challenge is based on ‘defamation’. You need to (for your own sake) listen to this video. The plaintiff is not a nutcase pursuing some vendetta, it is brought by people that are genuinely in search of the truth.

This video is on YouTube so may be taken down at anytime by fact checkers! UPDATE: the so called ‘fact checkers’ took it down. Who exactly are these fact checkers and who ‘fact check’ them? Annoyed? Read this then do something about it!

More on the Future of Work

Is any job safe? As someone who has been both an employee and employer I have been on both sides of the fence. In 2020, I turn 66, and still actively working, building 4 online businesses. I have spent my working life in sales. It is a great career and if you are successful, as I was, it brings great rewards.

One lesson from my career I would pass on to a salesperson: Take the risk and build a business with your own money. You learn so much that will help you be a better salesperson, a better business person!

Back to Future of Work. Nice infographic brought to my attention. Two things stand out for me.

  1. Learning and Innovation. What are you doing, on your own time and money for your continuing learning? Nothing? See 3 in the infographic and think about your future.
  2. Employee experience. What is really pleasing to read is the focus on individual need and wellbeing. Ask yourself, what are you doing to address your own wellbeing? In a tough job market, looking after your physical and mental wellbeing may the difference between a job offer and ‘we’re sorry to let you know’.

Sorry for the quality of the image, go to source below.

Source and credit for infographic

I lost my job due to Covid-19

I wonder how many people will relate to the headline: I lost my job due to Covid-19?

I was interested to see this post on LinkedIn based on a survey by McKinsey. They call out the jobs most in demand. Those jobs don’t require a CV, just a pair of, er, gloves.

My top tip. Want a job, then buy a pair of gloves. Which gloves? Well, I own a pair of yellow Marigold gloves and can recommend them. Best price for a pair of Marigold gloves found online today at £2.05. Marigold is now owned by Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions. The company’s slogan is “Innovating Together”. I wonder what ground-breaking innovation they have planned for a glove? A glove that does not allow water to enter the top of glove and make you go Yuk!

You can find the post and my comment at (correct as of 2/10/20).

Seriously, we are the midst of a major crisis and how many people will be able to access (or afford) training programs to gain qualifications for the jobs highlighted in the chart above?

Are we inching towards a Universal Basic Income and jobs on the side for millions of people to make ends meet?

Turning to tech?

Your job prospects aren’t looking good and you find the lure of an online business appealing. There is a huge difference between having an idea for a business and having a business.

I hear people saying ‘it would be great to have an online business’. It earns money while you sleep. Look at so and so, they have an online business. Have you seen the size of their house?

The market is BIG and highly competitive. You will need a product/service, start-up money, expertise (your own or paid for) setting up and running your business, technology, marketing, sales, accounting and and. How do I know? I have done it several times and it ain’t easy. You take the risk and you have to accept you might win big, and you might lose (hopefully not big!). Knowing when to quit, you got it wrong, is a hard lesson.

I’m not here to put you off. The statistics tell the story – your decision – how much do you want that online business? Or, will you settle for a regular wage?

Is 2020 a good time to start an online business, in the middle of pandemic? Why not, online businesses are growing fast as we are confined to our homes, or detest the whole ‘wear a mask’ shopping experience (nah, I’ll hop on Amazon).

How big is the UK market?

What are you going to sell online? What are people buying?

You are all set. Good Luck.

Credit Statista September 2020, source at:

No job? What you gonna do?

I am watching LinkedIn and seeing an unusually high number of people in my network update their status. Normally that leads to ‘Congrats on the new job’. No, they don’t have a job and that is probably due to the downturn in the economy – I refer to the impact of Covid-19.

BBC News reported on what to do to find a job at as the UK fell into recession and reported there are about half as many job ads as there were last year.

Who hasn’t been there? What are you options? For some, early retirement. At 65 (soon to be 66) that is an option for me, but I am not going there. I feel I have lots left in the tank. Start a business. Good idea but lots of hazard. I am pursuing this option and speak from experience. Gain a new skill. That can cost money and there are also free online courses. Volunteer.

I recall speaking to a group of unemployed people, some had been out for work for too long. I made one recommendation: Get in contact with people in your network and tell them about your situation and describe your ideal job. The one person that followed this recommendation landed a job within a matter of weeks and kindly wrote to thank me for my advice.

Be different!

Where do you start? I was looking through my contacts and came across a great example of how to promote yourself in an authentic way. The response was phenomenal. I have obscured the identity of that person.

Headline – that’s different 

I love to learn so ideally I would like to do something different from my previous positions. Rather than trying to define my dream role with artificial job titles, I will try to explain what I am good at, what interests me and who I would like to work with. 

What am I good at?  

  • Building relationships and connections 
  • Figuring things out and solving problems proactively  
  • Supporting senior management by focusing on the details so they don’t need to 
  • Policy, strategy, governance, compliance 
  • Planning, budgeting, monitoring, reporting, presenting
  • Keeping stakeholders and colleagues informed 
  • Assimilating, understanding and analysing information 
  • Project and programme management 
  • Writing in plain language 
  • Seeing the big picture 

Who would I like to work with? 

  • Enthusiastic and passionate “doers” with a vision 
  • Thinkers who love to learn and understand that best ideas are rarely conceived between 9am and 5pm at a desk in an office 
  • Organisations with a positive ethos, in particular start-ups and SMEs where I can grow professionally 
  • Mix of people from all nationalities, ages and backgrounds 
  • A resident office dog would be a bonus! 

What gets me excited? 

  • Meeting new people, seeing new places, learning new things 
  • Health and wellbeing, in particular nutrition and focusing on (organic) food instead of pills for good health, and reducing the amount of sugar we eat and drink 
  • Environment and nature – the great outdoors and the big blue 
  • Waste reduction, recycling, sustainability, renewable energy 
  • Digital developments, especially wearable tech and apps supporting healthy lifestyle 
  • Chance to use and improve my language skills (currently redacted, but looking to learn more, perhaps even a coding language?) 

Where do I want to work? 

  • Although currently based in redacted, for the right role I would be ready to relocate, both within the UK and abroad, and happy to work remotely

What am I like? 

  • Resourceful, curious, resilient, adaptable, reliable, creative, honest, diplomatic, approachable, organised, meticulous, good with numbers 
  • Good interpersonal skills and high level of emotional intelligence 
  • Can turn my hand to most things and have lots of common sense 

Over to you now and bonne chance.