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Are you out of work? Lost track of the number of job applications made with ‘no response’? Feeling the pinch financially? Well, thing is, you are not connected to the right people. You got to get in the Chumocracy Club.

Two qualifying criteria:

  1. You went to Eton
  2. You are chums with a politician, preferably a Minister.

No, not many people meet the criteria but if do, you are well lucky. You are gonna be rich.

The Chumocracy interview. There isn’t an interview you meet the criteria 1 and 2 and just wait for the job offer. Better qualified candidates are put through the mill just to make it look like it was all fair and above board. Honest guvnor.

The Good Law Project has exposed the government’s Chumocracy. Read on and get angry and let your MP know how shocked you are. My local elections are due and the Conservative candidate canvassed me. I told them I would not vote for a party that was corrupt and had removed our liberty and freedom in the manner of a dictatorship. He promptly left.

“We are pleased to announce that our judicial review with Runnymede of the Government’s practice of handing public sector jobs to its mates without open recruitment has been granted permission. We will have our day in Court.

The story we tell ourselves is that these things don’t happen here. That the handing out of important roles to friends, without competition, is something for abroad. But the pandemic has exposed that as a fairytale. In the real world, we are now a “chumocracy” where having the right friends matters as much or more than having the right skills.

Since the start of the pandemic, Government has created a number of new bodies whose leaders fall outside the usual public appointment regime. Many of the roles have gone to those personally connected to the Conservative Party. 

The most high profile was the appointment of Dido Harding as Chair of NHS Test and Trace. A sitting Conservative Peer, wife of a Conservative MP and friend of former Prime Minister David Cameron, Harding didn’t pip other candidates to the post at the interview. There were no other candidates. The Test and Trace programme – with a budget of a staggering £37bn – has consistently failed to meet its targets and is widely and rightly perceived as a disaster.

Harding is far from the only friend of the Conservative Party to land a top public sector job. Kate Bingham, wife of Tory MP and Treasury Minister, Jesse Norman and cousin by marriage of Rachel Johnson, was appointed Chair of the Vaccine Taskforce. The vaccine programme is a success but that no more vindicates the chumocracy than Harding’s failure damns it. 

The principle – that we should be appointing on the basis of talent rather than relationships – remains the same. Our public bodies perform vital functions. They must always be run by the people who are best placed to do the job. In response to our lawyers’ correspondence asking Ministers to reveal how and why certain individuals, including Harding, were chosen to lead vital public health bodies, Government has admitted the roles were not openly advertised. 

It’s hard to put it better than the Commissioner for Public Appointments: … some at the centre of government want not only to have the final say but to tilt the competition system in their favour to appoint their allies…

This is not the Britain we should be.

We will publish the date for our High Court hearing as soon as it is available.”

Thank you, 

Jolyon Maugham 
Director of Good Law Project

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Pandemic rich or poor?

Are you among the lucky, perhaps connected to a high ranking person in government and now stinking rich? No. Neither am I.

This government is under duress and inspection for shady dealings that have made some people stinking rich out of the pandemic. Is that fair, with 250,000 SME business gone to the wall, countless households facing hardship and growing indebtedness? Ho hum, it just public money, chuck it on top of the huge national debt and no one will notice.

Thanks to The Good Law project the wrongdoing of this government has not gone unnoticed. Report as of 17 March 2021 all credit to Good Law Project. Read on and gasp! Better still, write to your MP and express your angry and horror.

So, is the government and its shady ministers off the hook? No.

In summing the Judge had this to say.

If you want to support the work of The Good Law project then head over to

The government is elected to SERVE US, not profit FROM US!

No to vaccine No a la vacuna

The first legal challenge to mandatory Covid vaccination has been filed in Mexico.

Is your employer challenging you to declare if you have had the vaccine? This is happening in the NHS who keep records of those that are not vaccinated. It is happening in Spain see How long before it becomes de facto here in the UK? Are you concerned?

Want to know more about the legal challenge then watch this YouTube video with the lawyer bringing the case. UPDATE: The so called ‘fact checkers’ took the video down. IMO this is a criminal activity by the fact checkers as I describe in my blog


Do you avoid or engage in controversy?

Increasingly I engage and when it comes to the thing that is on everyone’s mind – I refer to Covid 19 – the controversy is over vaccines.

Do you take the vaccine or not?

Where do I stand? I am not saying Yes and I’m not saying No. I am waiting to see the data on it efficacy and, more importantly, the number of vaccine related injuries and deaths.

When that data is available I will make my decision. The thing is, it is my right to decide and I will not yield to any pressure or influence.

The Covid-19 vaccine has been developed in record time (months not years as is customary) and the usual trials to test efficacy and safety have been overridden. So, IMO, it is experimental and that points me to the safeguards of the Nuremberg Code see the British Medical Journal at Read it so you know your rights!

The Council of Europe, and this is particularly relevant to every citizen of CoE member countries, has made an important statement about your rights.

The CoE published 22 January 2021 an important statement about Covid-19 vaccines: ethical, legal and practical considerations and you can read that here

The important things to note:

  1. Given the reports for vaccine injuries and deaths you would want to know that compensation was available if affected. The CoE publication above states CoE member countries, “put in place independent vaccine compensation programmes to ensure compensation for undue damage and harm resulting from vaccination.” The UK government has given full indemnity to companies providing the vaccine. If you do suffer a vaccine injury you may be eligible for a tax free payment of up to £120,000 under the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme see Happy with that?
  2. If you have any uncertainty about whether or not to be vaccinated then be reassured by the CoE’s statement that: “citizens are informed that the vaccination is NOT mandatory and that no one is politically, socially, or otherwise pressured to get themselves vaccinated, if they do not wish to do so themselves AND ensure that no one is discriminated against for not having been vaccinated, due to possible health risks or not wanting to be vaccinated.”

You may come under pressure from family or friends – “we’ve had the vaccine, so must you it to protect us”. Let’s not forget – your body is yours and you are sovereign over it.

Brexit broke up friendships and families. The vaccine will be even more divisive. Troubling times ahead.

Tech or Oxygen?

Hardly a difficult choice given humans can not survive without oxygen. But, hang on, do you think you could survive without your tech? You misplace your mobile phone and all hell breaks loose in your urgency to find it. And the relief when you do. It seems that our dependancy and servitude to tech is as important as the oxygen that sustains life.

So, it has to be tech and oxygen.

Have you heard about Ozone? Maybe you have heard that the ozone layer protects us from the harmful effects of the sun (more at

Do you know that Ozone is also effective in treating a range of medical conditions and alternative to medicines?

Is this important? YES for three reasons:

  1. It is cheap compared to medicine. The UK’s NHS budget for 2020/21 is £200Bn (see And if you read mainstream media it is never enough to meet the demands on the service and with the national debt fast inflating due to Covid something is going to give. What is that something? A two-tier health system where the treatments available to you are dependant on your ability to pay? That already exists in the UK. A discriminatory system – come back when you have lost 30kgs and then we will consider treating you. That already exists. Treatments that are not life saving will be unavailable – IVF, boob job, sex change – unless you can pay. That already exists as NHS Trusts curtail treatments to balance the books.
  2. Spending on medicine is growing fast.Estimated total NHS spending on medicines in England has grown from £13 billion in 2010/11 to £17.4 billion in 2016/17 – an average growth of around 5 per cent a year. These figures are uncertain due to gaps in data, but the rate of increase is substantially faster than for the total NHS budget over the same period.’ Source: Antibiotic resistance is a major concern to quote the WHO: ‘Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today.’ Source: Is this growth is spend on medicine sustainable? Of course, your tax will be jacked up! Less money in your pocket but that’s OK your medicine is subsidised.
  3. Underfunded NHS. On a per capita basis the UK’s spend (what you government decides will be spent) on public health services ranks low against other OECD countries (last reported at 81% against OECD average spend). Why? Is there anything more important than the nation’s health? Read 1. above. The NHS is being progressively privatised – you pay! You may end up paying twice – tax and when treatment is not available to you from the NHS you pay to go private – if you can afford it.

Ozone – A hidden source of disease prevention and treatment.

What is a low cost alternative to prescription medication was available to treat a range of medical conditions? And more, that alternative was cheap and effective.

Who would want that? I put my hand up as someone who has received ozone treatment.

Would would not want that? Every pharmaceutical company as it is a threat to their profits. The largest drug company in the world has revenues of $82Bn and profit margin of $17Bn. The healthcare technology industry has a profit margin of 21% — making it the most profitable major industry in the world.

So, as all things in life, if YOU FOLLOW THE MONEY you will always uncover the agenda presenting (and sometimes inhibiting) your choices.

So, what to know more about Ozone? Run an online search. It remains controversial and you will find proponents and antagonists lined up to defend their respective interests. Work goes on to explore the potential of Ozone to combat disease and our desire for a health that is not so reliant on medication (see 2. above to understand why drugs are not always the answer).

Did you know that Italy who have one of the highest rates of mortality from Covid is using Ozone as a therapy?

My job here is not to attack nor defend any position, rather to open up discussion. After all, we don’t know what we don’t know.

You may know the George Bernard Shaw quotation, “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” Thanks to Wikipedia.

I’ll take tech and oxygen and Ozone.

Real Social Responsibility

Over the last four years I have developed a good understanding of the role of charities. That understanding is a result of working with charities to develop their governance at

When I ask people innocent questions like: How many charities are there? What is the annual income of the charity sector? What is the typical salary for the CEO of a large (>£100M income) charity? What is the role a charity trustee?

The answers to these are wildly inaccurate. How many charities are there? Typical answer: a few thousand. The UK has c.180,000 charities.

Food Poverty

The UK is the 6th largest economy in the world. The US is the largest economy. What do they both have in common? Food poverty. This has been exacerbated by Covid-19 that has had a devastating impact on jobs and food prices. This impact has fallen hard on those that were already in poverty. Food banks are now in every supermarket and demand has never been higher.

If this touches your heart then head over to Trussell Trust at

Someone cares

It was a random find to locate Jack Monroe at

Jack is a lady who is offering great advice on how to make your money spent on food go further.

I simply love this and had to promote Jack’s work.

Jack has good intentions and charity in her heart. IMO an outstanding person.

Tech rules

What presents did you get this Christmas? How many were technology toys? Tech is pervasive in our lives. Can you imagine 72 hours without access to the Internet? 24 hours without access to your mobile phone network? No Facebook, no Twitter, no WhatsApp, just silence. We might have to make conversation – how do we do that?

Now we are dependant on all our gadgets, what is next up?

What big changes are happening even though we might not YET be aware of their significance?

The eradication of physical coins and notes. How many establishments refused to take a coin or note for payment due to Covid-19?

No access to medical treatment. Unless you pay. The NHS will treat you as an emergency but otherwise take a look in the bathroom medicine cabinet. Want an appointment with your doctor – no chance. Send in a picture of your ailment and I will call you back. My true story! Tele-medicine and it is here to stay!

End of, just popping to the shops. Online won hands down. Social isolation for some. New friendships with delivery drivers (champions) for others. Dan at DPD watch out when emerging from behind your van for cyclists!

Let’s go out and eat. They are closed. Will have to be a take-away. UberEats saves the day.

It is the ‘New Normal’. For the savvy it is the ‘New World Order’.

Back to the tech angle.

Big under the radar tech that will shape our future lives.

Robots. This includes autonomous vehicles. Machines do the work of humans.

Blockchain. The infrastructure that will allow us to transact without the need for coins and notes and it is coming real soon. No more cards to lose! Bad news for fraudsters!

Artificial Intelligence. Frustrated that you can’t speak to anyone when you call a large business. That is only going to get more frustrating.

Put just these three things together and think about the impact on jobs.

We are heading into a society of have and have not. You have a job, you don’t have a job and there are no vacancies.

You happy with this scenario? Welcome to a new decade like no other!

Am I alone? No listen to this and make up your own mind. Not for the faint hearted!

OK so the video has been deleted by the Fact Checkers. Now, why have Fact Checkers been allowed to insert themselves as ‘censors’ and override our human rights of freedom of expression? Our weak government has allowed global (mainly mega US corporations) to trample over the rights of UK citizens. I ask you, who runs the world, the government we elect or mega corporations? You happy with that? I am not! Want to read more about your rights go to my blog at

Pub Talk

So I rock up at Wetherspoon’s in Bognor Regis and find this magazine on my table. Inside it covers an alternative ‘Point Of View’ on the Covid-19 narrative. That is, alternative to the often misleading narrative of the mainstream media, BBC, ITV, CNN, Fox, who revel in counting deaths. Morbid lot. Am I talking rubbish? Go get a pint and a ‘substantial meal’ at a great value Wetherspoons pub and read the magazine for yourself.

Many people are talking Covid-19 bollocks because they are misinformed. Here are two examples. The World Health Organisation state: Lockdowns are ineffective. Masks are ineffective. You will read this in the magazine. Social distancing is effective. The WHO advice contradicts two key platforms of UK Government’s messaging. What else are they saying that is misinforming you? More importantly, what are they NOT telling you? You can read my other recent blogs if you want to find out!

Groupthink gang – all out of the same mould. A bunch of power hungry wafflers. So much for diversity!

The Maginot Line – Military experts extolled the Maginot Line as a work of genius, believing it would prevent any further invasions from the east. While the fortification system did prevent a direct attack, it was strategically ineffective, as the Germans invaded through Belgium, outflanking the Maginot Line.

Fancy a pint or G&T before you charge off to get in line for your vaccine?

Cynic or Wise?

2020 will be remembered as the year the world came to a halt. Everyone will have their own story and recollection of the horror of the actions taken to control Covid-19 with the declaration of a global pandemic. The pandemic – truth or fiction? It may be some time before the answer to the question is known.

There is a growing concern that things just ‘don’t seem right’. More people are starting to question the ridiculous measures that we are ‘told’ to follow to control the spread of the virus. Here is my own story. I went to an Adult Panto with a friend. We sat on separate tables at least 2 metres apart. Earlier we had dinner at the same table. So, the virus will not attack you if you have meal in front of you. Bonkers? Yes, in my opinion.

Today the first person has received a vaccine with the press on parade. How wonderful, the vaccine has arrived we are saved. No. There are major concerns over the safety of the vaccine being expressed my doctors, scientists, academics and me. I am not gullible to the stupefied reporting of the mainstream media. Good job for creating fear and panic. Bad job for informed reporting. Hey, but when you consider who controls them you know it was their job to create fear and panic.

Four things:

  1. What are the possible side effects of this vaccine? Read this They don’t look too serious – but read on before you make up your mind.
  2. What indemnity is there should you suffer a vaccine injury? There is none from the companies producing the vaccines. Read this Your last resort indemnity is the UK’s Vaccine Damage Payment scheme with a limit of £120,000 compensation.
  3. What information should you have available to you so you can make an informed decision before taking the vaccine? 1. and 2. for sure!
  4. What is your plan if the vaccine is mandatory? Don’t agree with mandated vaccination then sign this petition at Update: the Council of Europe of which the UK is a founding member has something to say on this matter head over to

If you don’t have the answers to these questions you are taking a risk with your health, your life. Be a Cynic, Be Wise.

So, Just one more thing (the favourite saying of Peter Falk a.k.a. Detective Columbo RIP).

Why does the UK MHRA find it necessary to issue a contract for the purposes described below?

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency is an executive agency of the Department of Health and Social Care in the United Kingdom which is responsible for ensuring that medicines and medical devices work and are acceptably safe. Or perhaps NOT safe!


There is currently a petition that demands the UK Government ‘Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination’.

If you are minded to support this petition go to

I have spoken with people who will kill to get the vaccine and others that point-blank refuse the vaccine. It is a deeply divisive matter that will cause the same kind of friction and consequences of the Brexit vote. I know people that ejected friends once they had declared how they voted for Brexit.

The matter of vaccine is different. We will be asked to inject a hastily developed vaccine tested on (they say) 42,000 people. In the space of a few months it has been given the all clear. So, do you trust the trials and are prepared to put your health on the line? If you look at the statistics, then unless you are aged 70+ with pre-existing medical conditions the likelihood of Covid-19 proving fatal are small. What assurances is the Government offering with indemnity in case of you suffering a vaccine injury to include death?

Indemnity: security or protection against a loss or other financial burden.

Have you see anything about indemnity accompanying the news about the vaccine? Read this!


You are the sole breadwinner. Your employer insists you have the vaccine otherwise you can not come to work. You agree. Two weeks later you suffer a terrible reaction to the vaccine (a vaccine injury) for which there is no treatment and you can no longer work. Your savings are already depleted from surviving two lockdowns and reduced pay under furlough. You have a mortgage and a family to provide for.

Check out what you might be entitled to under welfare? Will that meet all your financial commitments? You look for compensation. Don’t bother, there is NONE!

Your have a choice, take the vaccine, or not. That is why the petition is so important, so you can exercise choice without limitation.

Read the Nuremberg Code to know that your rights are preserved to decline the vaccine.

A good source of reference at

Will you accept being forcibly detained, restrained and have the vaccine, without your consent, to be injected in your body?

It will never happen. Really?

The majority of the population have been put in a state of fear and panic by the media. I had an acquaintance attacked and beaten senseless for not wearing a mask in a supermarket. When you have to visibly display you have the vaccine then what is to say further attacks on those that choose not to have the vaccine won’t occur. And will that be treated as assault, GBH, murder or just put down as another Covid-19 related death? A cynical view but the statistics lie and used to cover up the real truth about deaths occurring from Covid-19.

Do you refuse or decline the vaccine?

There is an order, or a law, that says you must agree to be vaccinated.

The use of each word may be important.

You ‘refuse’ the vaccine. Is that disobedience? Perhaps there will be consequences and you are carted off to be strapped down and forcibly vaccinated or exiled to Wales. Sorry, bad humour!

Your decline with reasons. What reasons? I am prepared to be vaccinated if:

You will confirm that the vaccine is 100% safe.

You will indemnify me (see definition above).

Both to be confirmed in an affidavit signed by a Minister of State.

Now you are not refusing, you are agreeing subject to creating a contract for which you have the The Nuremberg Code as your guardian. This scenario, as I describe, may or may not develop and will likely involve hotly contested legal proceedings. That is for the future. Right now you can do something in a few seconds by signing the petition when you click here.