I have written 5 books now tracking the progress of Microsoft’s suite of applications for communication and collaboration. It was called BPOS, them Microsoft Online Services and now Office 365.  I suppose that assumes we work 365 days  a year or that it works 365 days a year?  Trivia I know, anyway it has a SLA.

Office 365 is now recognised by Microsoft as its fastest growth product of all time beating Sharepoint that previously had that claim to fame.  So why are many Microsoft partners not actively selling Office 365?  A blog by a senior Microsoft Product Marketing Manager and reported by CRN suggested it was ‘too complicated to sell’.

I don’t get that nor accept it is too complicated to sell Office 365 when its appeal is universal to all customers using Microsoft Office.  So I and my co-author have written a book to start up a conversation to digest ‘too complicated’ and boil it down into what matters to the future of Microsoft partner businesses.  In all honesty if selling Office 365 is deemed complicated then the new world of hybrid computing and Internet of Things is going to cause a meltdown.

The title of the book is Thinking of…Microsoft Office 365 and the Business Conversation?  Ask the Smart Questions

It is a business book about the opportunity with Office 365 to earn money and build a reputation with customers as a visionary (I don’t like the hackneyed term ‘trusted advisor’) to transform their investment in IT into something that…well you have to read the book for that.

The book’s foreword is written by…you will have to wait as well.  A foreword snippet to tease.

“The IT industry is fortunate with abundant opportunity for those that can escape the pull of the past and step into the future to serve up IT ‘as a service’.”

Publication date is April 2015.