I am watching LinkedIn and seeing an unusually high number of people in my network update their status. Normally that leads to ‘Congrats on the new job’. No, they don’t have a job and that is probably due to the downturn in the economy – I refer to the impact of Covid-19.

BBC News reported on what to do to find a job at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/explainers-53685650 as the UK fell into recession and reported there are about half as many job ads as there were last year.

Who hasn’t been there? What are you options? For some, early retirement. At 65 (soon to be 66) that is an option for me, but I am not going there. I feel I have lots left in the tank. Start a business. Good idea but lots of hazard. I am pursuing this option and speak from experience. Gain a new skill. That can cost money and there are also free online courses. Volunteer.

I recall speaking to a group of unemployed people, some had been out for work for too long. I made one recommendation: Get in contact with people in your network and tell them about your situation and describe your ideal job. The one person that followed this recommendation landed a job within a matter of weeks and kindly wrote to thank me for my advice.

Be different!

Where do you start? I was looking through my contacts and came across a great example of how to promote yourself in an authentic way. The response was phenomenal. I have obscured the identity of that person.

Headline – that’s different 

I love to learn so ideally I would like to do something different from my previous positions. Rather than trying to define my dream role with artificial job titles, I will try to explain what I am good at, what interests me and who I would like to work with. 

What am I good at?  

  • Building relationships and connections 
  • Figuring things out and solving problems proactively  
  • Supporting senior management by focusing on the details so they don’t need to 
  • Policy, strategy, governance, compliance 
  • Planning, budgeting, monitoring, reporting, presenting
  • Keeping stakeholders and colleagues informed 
  • Assimilating, understanding and analysing information 
  • Project and programme management 
  • Writing in plain language 
  • Seeing the big picture 

Who would I like to work with? 

  • Enthusiastic and passionate “doers” with a vision 
  • Thinkers who love to learn and understand that best ideas are rarely conceived between 9am and 5pm at a desk in an office 
  • Organisations with a positive ethos, in particular start-ups and SMEs where I can grow professionally 
  • Mix of people from all nationalities, ages and backgrounds 
  • A resident office dog would be a bonus! 

What gets me excited? 

  • Meeting new people, seeing new places, learning new things 
  • Health and wellbeing, in particular nutrition and focusing on (organic) food instead of pills for good health, and reducing the amount of sugar we eat and drink 
  • Environment and nature – the great outdoors and the big blue 
  • Waste reduction, recycling, sustainability, renewable energy 
  • Digital developments, especially wearable tech and apps supporting healthy lifestyle 
  • Chance to use and improve my language skills (currently redacted, but looking to learn more, perhaps even a coding language?) 

Where do I want to work? 

  • Although currently based in redacted, for the right role I would be ready to relocate, both within the UK and abroad, and happy to work remotely

What am I like? 

  • Resourceful, curious, resilient, adaptable, reliable, creative, honest, diplomatic, approachable, organised, meticulous, good with numbers 
  • Good interpersonal skills and high level of emotional intelligence 
  • Can turn my hand to most things and have lots of common sense 

Over to you now and bonne chance.