Net neutrality is a hot topic at this time with the EU Parliament and Council.

What is net neutrality?  Click here for a video presentation, duration 18 minutes and it is important to watch it in its entirety.

When you have viewed the video click here to go to express your opinion.

Why bother?

You want a better deal on your mobile phone charges?

You want an end to expensive call roaming charges?

You want the access to Broadband that your provider says they will provide yet insist you pay even if they don’t provide that?

You want someone to stand up and challenge the rip off and injustice of some of the charges that are levied and the lack of accountability of the providers?

It can turn into a blame game and the fact is the ‘net’ is baked in to our lives and the assumption is we have to put up with what we get for our money.  The stakes are bigger.  Politicians have other agendas and they do not always put consumer interests first particularly when national protectionist interests surface.

Are you a campaigner, do you want a voice on what happens to your access to mobile phone and Internet services?  Happy to pay more?  Want more for less?  Express your view.

Do it now time is running out and without a campaign we might just end up with what we’ve got and that is might not be good enough to compete in a connected world – and only you know if that is something that matters to you?  By the way, you voted for the people who are making these decision so make sure they hear you!