Some weeks are better than others and this week was a cracker as I got out of my normal routine.

Darren Bibby and his team at IDC reviewing their 2015 predictions for the IT channel and offering up their 2016 predictions. I followed these predictions for 4 years and will update shortly. Work in IT then click here for the past predictions and rate them according to your own experience. Click here for IDC’s 2016 predictions.

Nathaniel C. Schooler talking digital marketing and personal brands. Check him out at  Got your head in your hands or in the sand because digital marketing is mind-boggling something or other then check out Nat’s website for inspiration.

Rory Sutherland’s talk: ‘Marketing is the science of knowing what economists are wrong about.’ His book The Wiki Man is now on my reading list. Intelligent man with a wicked sense of humour.

The Director (Institute of Directors magazine) Dec 2015 / Jan 2016 issue had an article that caught my attention. The author, William Higham, argued that in 2016 there will be a growing reaction against the omnipresence of technology and a digital detox. I now know two new 4-letter acronyms FOMO and LOMO. For a bit of fun can your guess the first letters? _ _ _ _ Of Missing Out. A thought-provoking article.

Click here to know if your guess was correct.

Now for some LOMO.