Is any job safe? As someone who has been both an employee and employer I have been on both sides of the fence. In 2020, I turn 66, and still actively working, building 4 online businesses. I have spent my working life in sales. It is a great career and if you are successful, as I was, it brings great rewards.

One lesson from my career I would pass on to a salesperson: Take the risk and build a business with your own money. You learn so much that will help you be a better salesperson, a better business person!

Back to Future of Work. Nice infographic brought to my attention. Two things stand out for me.

  1. Learning and Innovation. What are you doing, on your own time and money for your continuing learning? Nothing? See 3 in the infographic and think about your future.
  2. Employee experience. What is really pleasing to read is the focus on individual need and wellbeing. Ask yourself, what are you doing to address your own wellbeing? In a tough job market, looking after your physical and mental wellbeing may the difference between a job offer and ‘we’re sorry to let you know’.

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