Is Covid-19 the real story or a cover for something else? You have heard the expression ‘follow the money’? Are we dealing with a disease or something else? Content with what you hear from main stream media (BBC, CNN, Fox etc.) or are growing increasingly skeptical?

Covid-19 is being reported in real-time. Twitter is full of clashes between those that support lockdown and those that do not. Where next? Clashes between those that want (really want) the vaccine never mind it is the fastest vaccine ever developed and there are safety concerns over vaccine injury. Is that why UK Government has tendered a contract to locate a software developer skilled in AI to develop analysis of Covid-19 vaccine injuries? Odd? I think they fully anticipate vaccine injuries and in great numbers to warrant AI analysis.

There are others that talk about the Deep State, the Cabal, the Illuminati, the New World Order 2021 and 2030, the Great Reset. Is it all tosh?

Are you curious to know more? Are you confused by the events surrounding Covid-19 and looking for some sense of ‘is this for real?’. What’s in store for us next?

Would it surprise you to know publicly available historical documents describe exactly what is happening today. Odd? They referred to a pandemic, that pandemic now have as a name, Covid-19.

Listen to this fascinating discussion that references Johnson, Gove, Trump and many others who are centre stage controlling the Covid-19 narrative.

This interview was listed on YouTube November 2020. It is controversial so may well be removed by the censors. See my blog to read about the ‘illegal’ work of the censors.

Go to to know more, so you understand more about the world you live in and what’s up next. Not for the timid!