Few people know their rights under existing data protection laws. Here is a reminder:

The last paragraph is significant as it refers to the capabilities of AI to process personal data. Those that use AI are accountable under GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 (UK).

I was interested to read a document: Resolution of the 97th Conference of the Independent Federal and State Data Protection Supervisory Authorities of Germany Hambach Castle, April 3, 2019.

The resolution (particular to Germany) records seven data protection requirements.

  1. AI must not turn human beings into objects
  2. AI may only be used for constitutionally legitimate purposes and may not abrogate the requirement of purpose limitation
  3. AI must be transparent, comprehensible and explainable
  4. AI must avoid discrimination
  5. The principle of data minimisation applies to AI
  6. AI needs responsibility
  7. AI requires technical and organisational standards

This is a resolution has no legal standing. It does provide a pointer to considerations that those using AI should consider to remain compliant with their data protection responsibilities.

You can read the full resolution when you click here