I wonder how many people will relate to the headline: I lost my job due to Covid-19?

I was interested to see this post on LinkedIn based on a survey by McKinsey. They call out the jobs most in demand. Those jobs don’t require a CV, just a pair of, er, gloves.

My top tip. Want a job, then buy a pair of gloves. Which gloves? Well, I own a pair of yellow Marigold gloves and can recommend them. Best price for a pair of Marigold gloves found online today at £2.05. Marigold is now owned by Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions. The company’s slogan is “Innovating Together”. I wonder what ground-breaking innovation they have planned for a glove? A glove that does not allow water to enter the top of glove and make you go Yuk!

You can find the post and my comment at https://rb.gy/zwfg6m (correct as of 2/10/20).

Seriously, we are the midst of a major crisis and how many people will be able to access (or afford) training programs to gain qualifications for the jobs highlighted in the chart above?

Are we inching towards a Universal Basic Income and jobs on the side for millions of people to make ends meet?