An unforeseen pandemic comes along and suddenly it is no longer BAU. In fact we don’t even recognise the world and yearn for a return to BAU.

The tech industry has delivered some useful tools to cope (for now) with this interruption to BAU. People are fast becoming familiar with Zoom, Skype, Teams and other tools to keep in contact and get the work of the day done.

Jobs that did not seem so important are suddenly elevated to being of high importance. Checkout operators for example. Our key workers that keep vital services running. And those that are less visible? The tech people keeping the services we have become dependant upon, I am referring to all those services we access numerous times a day on our phones and computers. These services have kept supply chains functioning and some semblance of BAU. So, what will be the learnings from this pandemic?

Those with IT backgrounds will be familiar with business continuity planning. I wonder how many business continuity scenarios planned for a pandemic that had a wildly unpredictable timeline? More than that, the pandemic upended how society functions. I can’t come to work today, I have to home school the kids. I’ll get to that proposal this evening (if I am not totally wrung out). I’m having problems accessing the Internet from home, I’ll try later. Deadlines?

I’ll come back to this in one year to see how the world reacted to the most significant upheaval of society in recent times. Did tech save the day?