My good friend Ray Bricknell and I served up a webcast for BrightTalk with the title “How to Avoid Cloud Botch’.

Now we never set out to suggest that businesses are fouling up with the implementation of cloud rather to put down some experience and suggest a process to follow to minimise the botch factor.  Having said that I read an article recently suggesting that more than 9 out of 10 implementations of cloud are failing to meet expectations. Oh dear.

Ray and I challenged some commonly held beliefs about the readiness of IT teams  to engage with LOB execs in the business to translate how cloud can support them to achieve their business agenda when the same IT team are busy keeping the IT factory online.  LOB execs think about how to innovate and implement that quickly and the IT team have their own ‘keep your job’ pressures.  LOB execs take the view ‘if you can’t do it on our time’ then we will have to look at alternatives and that is the trigger for shadow or stealth IT in the form of cloud services acquired outside of the direct control of IT folk.  After decades of IT being under control by the folks in the basement (where they keep those machines), it seems almost bizarre to suggest that LOB execs are maverick.  A vote during the webcast highlighted that the majority of businesses do NOT have a cloud policy that is subject of compliance and that is the gap.

It is a new world and we are still coming to terms with the abundance of affordable IT delivered in the cloud and the opportunities that presents.  Most studies point to cost savings and access to innovation as the primary reasons driving investment in cloud.  It also opens up choice and the exploitation of that by LOB execs is a new phenomenon that we don’t yet fully understand the implications of.  It might just work out and meet or exceed all expectations.  That is why we started the conversation ‘How to Avoid Cloud Botch’ to propel the conversation as Ray and I both believe this train has left the station.

BrightTalk webcast available by clicking here.  Registration is required.