How relevant is your brand and how near are you to fame or failure?

Off the back of Cloud Expo 2017 I have been thinking about the names (brands) that were exhibiting and how many new names showed up as exhibitors. Cloud is hot so it is no surprise that new businesses are chasing the opportunities of a high growth potential market. Also the Expo had an elevated presence for the Internet of Things (IoT) that has names that are not commonly associated with cloud computing as well as cloud names crashing the opportunity (and why not).

Brands come and go

Do you know where you are on your brand journey?

Starting out?

Tipping point?

So hot now?

Turning point?

Tanking point?

It is all about relevance. So where are you on your brand journey?

Your brand journey

How would describe your brand journey and where are you on that journey?

Don’t sweat to much on the answer take a look at this video (it is 7 minutes long) and then take the survey at the end.