It seems we have been talking about cloud for a long time and this is far from played out. Many IT businesses have yet to fully understand what the future could be for their business in a world where cloud becomes the first choice for a customer. Surely that won’t happen? Actually it is almost destined to happen with the UK Government and the US Government mandating ‘Cloud First’ policies and the forecast for the growth of cloud services far outstripping any growth forecast for sales of legacy IT. That legacy IT is the sale of hardware and software and associated services (implementation, break/fix as examples) is not dead it just does not offer exciting growth, in fact it is near flat growth.

So what do you do?

If you are an IT business and packing up in 3 – 5 years then do nothing but expect that times will get harder.

If that is not your future then you need to do something.

Here are a couple suggestions to help you start a conversation about the future.

1. For a provocative view to get the blood boiling and steam coming out of your ears click here
2. For a more rational view of how the supply chain is threatened by cloud click here

As a consultant I get paid for my expertise so I’m not telling you everything you need to know – I need to look after my future – but if I have annoyed you or made you think ‘we could use some help’ then click here to contact me.