It is interesting how legislation has a ripple effect as it implications unfold and The Guardian picked up on this is in a story about flexible working arrangements.  Technology plays a role in enabling the employee and helping employers decide if it is possible to agree to an employee’s request for flexible working arrangements.

In the context of the article it referred to mobile working and made the rather startling claim that 46% of workers think coffee shops are a more productive workplace than the office.

The article went on to include a quote from my co-author Dr Peter Chadha who cooperated on the writing of Thinking of…Going Google Apps?  Ask the Smart Questions.  It was written as a guide for SMEs and it is these businesses that are the cornerstone of our economy who will face most challenges (if for no other reason they employ the majority of the workforce) implementing this legislation.  Of course when the book was written the legislation had not been passed so it is interesting how technology is interpreted in an ever changing world.

You can read the article by following this link.