I know a number of people who have been ejected from Twitter , Facebook and YouTube. When I say ejected, fact checkers have decided that if your freedom of expression (see 1. below) is incompatible with their own ‘undeclared’ source of reference, then you are deemed to be wrong. That is not fact checking, that is censorship.

Article 10 of the Human Rights Act 1998 states:

In 2. above, freedoms are qualified and not guaranteed. The year 1998 precedes the global rise to fame and influence of Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. These organisations have inserted themselves into the Human Rights Act as the arbitrator of our freedom of speech. I question that, on what authority do they act as an arbitrator of the law?

Is that it, we just suffer now at the whim of these public companies all of whom are incorporated in the USA. What happened to our sovereignty? It just got kicked down the road. We elected a government to represent us and they just got moved aside by mega corporations. What does that say about who controls the world today?

What one thing characterised 2020?


How many people now know the term PCR?

How many know what it stands for?

How many believe (because they only listen to Main Stream Media (MSM)) that the PCR test confirms the existence of Covid-19?

How many people are aware that a legal challenge will expose the flawed (downright misleading) information about Covid-19 and PCR of the MSM that has created fear in the population. The legal challenge is based on ‘defamation’. You need to (for your own sake) listen to this video. The plaintiff is not a nutcase pursuing some vendetta, it is brought by people that are genuinely in search of the truth.

This video is on YouTube so may be taken down at anytime by fact checkers! UPDATE: the so called ‘fact checkers’ took it down. Who exactly are these fact checkers and who ‘fact check’ them? Annoyed? Read this https://frankbennett.co.uk/fact-checkers-or-gatekeepers/ then do something about it!