How many apps do you have on your smartphone? Personally I have over 300. How did that happen?  That does not mean to say I use everyone of them and some I maybe downloaded once and never used again.

Back to dirty stuff. Sometime ago I wrote a blog, it was in preparation for a presentation I gave to a business that was powering datacentres with renewable energy. I had reason to go back to it and given the attention climate change is getting it revealed something I had forgotten about. Who is not playing their part in saving the planet? 

One app on my phone I simply love is Spotify. They are doing great!

Now somewhere in the ether are servers pumping that music into my earphones. Those servers need powering up and cooling down. So what energy sources do Spotify rely on, source

Guess who is behind this? Greenpeace. The data they rely on may not be bang up to-date and sometimes data is hard to obtain – after all who wants to put out their dirty washing for scrutiny?

If you are someone who is concerned about the environment then check out and maybe consider a donation to Greenpeace

There are other initiatives. Switzerland is leading the charge on datacenter efficiency certification and you can read about their initiative (initiated by industry association digitalswitzerland and Hewlett Packard Enterprise) at

Off now to do some recycling and delete some unused apps on my phone.