As we exit 2016 it will be remembered for the high profile of cyber attacks.

The biggest yet – Yahoo own up to 1Bn hacked accounts.

It is one of those things you want to put out of mind – DON’T.

Who are the protectors

There is just soooo much to read about this subject so what can you doooo about it. Reading lots of bad stuff only elevates anxiety. Doing replaces anxiety with purpose.

You may have read that governments are pouring big money into cyber defense.

UK commits £1.9Bn

USA planned budget 2017 $17Bn

The EU commits €450M that it hopes will grow to €2Bn in a public-private partnership

You are a SME – what do you do?

I am sure the folks at Yahoo aren’t laughing and neither would any SME business if they had to deal with the consequences of being hacked that could result in business failure. The stakes are high and that is why governments are pouring money into cyber defense.

Make it a ‘to do now’ to assess the risk. Can you spare 10 minutes to protect your business against the most pernicious risk today to businesses irrespective of their size?

Assessing the risk

screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-13-13-38The EU initiative WISER is an online tool that through question and answer will deliver a report that helps you make the decisions to mitigate cyber risks to your business and the evidence is the risk is ever-present and growing. DANGER.

IT IS FREE – so no excuses.

Two versions of the report available:screen-shot-2016-12-19-at-13-16-28

That link again to create your free report – CLICK HERE