There is currently a petition that demands the UK Government ‘Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination’.

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I have spoken with people who will kill to get the vaccine and others that point-blank refuse the vaccine. It is a deeply divisive matter that will cause the same kind of friction and consequences of the Brexit vote. I know people that ejected friends once they had declared how they voted for Brexit.

The matter of vaccine is different. We will be asked to inject a hastily developed vaccine tested on (they say) 42,000 people. In the space of a few months it has been given the all clear. So, do you trust the trials and are prepared to put your health on the line? If you look at the statistics, then unless you are aged 70+ with pre-existing medical conditions the likelihood of Covid-19 proving fatal are small. What assurances is the Government offering with indemnity in case of you suffering a vaccine injury to include death?

Indemnity: security or protection against a loss or other financial burden.

Have you see anything about indemnity accompanying the news about the vaccine? Read this!


You are the sole breadwinner. Your employer insists you have the vaccine otherwise you can not come to work. You agree. Two weeks later you suffer a terrible reaction to the vaccine (a vaccine injury) for which there is no treatment and you can no longer work. Your savings are already depleted from surviving two lockdowns and reduced pay under furlough. You have a mortgage and a family to provide for.

Check out what you might be entitled to under welfare? Will that meet all your financial commitments? You look for compensation. Don’t bother, there is NONE!

Your have a choice, take the vaccine, or not. That is why the petition is so important, so you can exercise choice without limitation.

Read the Nuremberg Code to know that your rights are preserved to decline the vaccine.

A good source of reference at

Will you accept being forcibly detained, restrained and have the vaccine, without your consent, to be injected in your body?

It will never happen. Really?

The majority of the population have been put in a state of fear and panic by the media. I had an acquaintance attacked and beaten senseless for not wearing a mask in a supermarket. When you have to visibly display you have the vaccine then what is to say further attacks on those that choose not to have the vaccine won’t occur. And will that be treated as assault, GBH, murder or just put down as another Covid-19 related death? A cynical view but the statistics lie and used to cover up the real truth about deaths occurring from Covid-19.

Do you refuse or decline the vaccine?

There is an order, or a law, that says you must agree to be vaccinated.

The use of each word may be important.

You ‘refuse’ the vaccine. Is that disobedience? Perhaps there will be consequences and you are carted off to be strapped down and forcibly vaccinated or exiled to Wales. Sorry, bad humour!

Your decline with reasons. What reasons? I am prepared to be vaccinated if:

You will confirm that the vaccine is 100% safe.

You will indemnify me (see definition above).

Both to be confirmed in an affidavit signed by a Minister of State.

Now you are not refusing, you are agreeing subject to creating a contract for which you have the The Nuremberg Code as your guardian. This scenario, as I describe, may or may not develop and will likely involve hotly contested legal proceedings. That is for the future. Right now you can do something in a few seconds by signing the petition when you click here.