What is Cloudfit?

It is a story about a company that provided its employees with a Fitbit and after one year of collecting data from employees wearing a Fitbit it shaved a cool $300K of its medical insurance premium. You can read the article when you click here.

Thinking out loud the process to deliver the $300K saving:

QUESTION – someone in Finance and/or HR; is there a way to reduce the rising cost of our medical insurance premiums? Hire only fit people. Can’t do that we have a lot of valuable employees, granted some are more fit than others. Fit them up with a Fitbit. That might work. What does our insurance provider say to the idea and can we enter into an agreement with themĀ about the data they need to reassess the insurance premiums. What about the privacy concerns of our employees? We could anonymise the data, aggregate it for all employees and trend. Who owns the Fitbit, company or employee? These are just some of many questions that will have arisen.

DEVICE – in this case Fitbit was chosen with apps for both Android and Apple iOS

DATA – collect, frequency, anonymise, aggregate, trend, report, gaming

INSIGHT – what is the data telling us and who, what, how do we report that?

ACTION – start the negotiation and praise our now fitter employees

This is my interpretation of what might of happened and assembling it under headings as a model. Let me know if you have any thought on this V1.0.