Surveys continue to identify that security is a concern for those adopting public cloud services.

There is a war of words, vested interests, misinformation and disinformation. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people mention the Patriot Act yet can’t provide a detailed explanation in the context of the security debate. I dwell on how much damage and disservice misinformers are doing?
This is a technically complex subject that most business people do not understand. They want the facts that shape their decision-making. They want clarity on terms they understand.

I was inspired to write an article Cloud Security – scare or scaremongering?

PRISM. The story rumbles on although no longer occupying prime time news or newspaper headlines. The politicians have stepped in and the EU is debating how they respond to the revelations of the US National Security Agency snooping on EU citizens. What’s on their mind? Check out my BrightTalk(TM) webcast.