I am hearing and reading lots about business transformation and increasingly this is linked to how a business is adapting to the addition of cloud services to its portfolio.

So what is driving this conversation?  Surely this is just a ‘bolt-on’ to whatever else you do today.  If that is not the case then should business transformation be on the ‘to do’ list or will a chat over a pint resolve everything?  This is the dilemma for some.

Too busy?  The easy in option is to resell cloud services like those available from AWS, Google, Microsoft and a host of others offering practically no risk.  Join the crowd and earn some money and get in the game.

Got 10 minutes?  You may heard the expression; ‘too busy working in the business not on the business’.  This is a reference to the dilemma of many as you get caught up in the day-to-day things to do that keep the cash coming into the business and your customers happy.  Then one day everything that you thought you had done well to make the business a success no longer delivers the results you expect.  Oh Oh!  Something happened and you meant to look into it but your were ‘in’ the business. You just ran headlong into the wall of business transformation.

If you never meet a competitor then ignore the following exercise.

So you do meet competitors and when did you last do a comparison of ‘your’ versus ‘their’ offer.  This is not about you sell HP, they sell IBM, rather the value you offer a customer.

With the assumption your customers look to you for advice on the selection of IT then how does your offer compare when that includes a range of cloud services?  You do offer cloud services because if you do not you are missing out on a major growth opportunity.

This exercise sounds easier than it really is.  So how do you start?  Welcome to business transformation 101.