In my earlier post about business transformation I set the scene for a business that had ran headlong into the wall of business transformation.  The question I had posed was to test your value to a customer against that offered by competitors.

Now I am going to do myself a disservice by pointing you to the resource you should consider using to conduct your business transformation exercise.  Just before I do that let me ask you a really important question that I ask you to be truthful when answering.

First to warm you up for this question; you are putting up your profile on a dating site (e.g. and have to describe yourself. It can present a challenge because we all lack objectivity when describing ourselves and so do we when we talk about our business. There is no seeming harm in this unless we fool ourself and the customer can usually see right through that.  Why bring this to your attention?

I have been on the rack being questioned about a business where I was on the leadership team and we thought we were way better than in reality.  It was not that we were intentionally not truthful, just a victim of our own hubris .  How do you avoid this trap of hubris and get to the reality that will be foundation to the Business Transformation?

Bring in a person that has no connection with your business and therefore will remain objective and possibly even objectionable in pursuit of reality.  In addition that person will have ideally been on both sides of the table, being advised and the advisor.

That resource: Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries.

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