The UK’s Brexit divorce bill (July 2021) is estimated at £35 to £39Bn. It is contested by the UK government, even so, it is an eye watering sum of money.

You may recall that Boris Johnson stated during his Brexit campaign the UK sent £350M a week to the EU. That he claimed, would now go to the NHS. Bravo. Hang on, let’s look more closely at the numbers.

Take £35,000,000,000 (the divorce bill)

Divide by £350,000,000 (the weekly amount sent to the EU to be diverted to the NHS)

= 1000

So the divorce bill is the equivalent 1000 payments of £350,000,000.

That is, 1000 weekly payments (52 weeks in a year) of £350,000,000 spread over 20 years (52 x 20). 20 years is an awful long time for the NHS to wait for Boris’ promise.

Right now the NHS backlog is >5M patients waiting for treatment. I think we are probably going to see the slow demise of free healthcare at the point of delivery. We have a two-tier system, NHS and Private, and that is going to accelerate ‘you’ having to pay for your healthcare unless you want to join a very very very long queue. Better start saving up! Oh, your savings have been wiped out by the pandemic and you are in debt.