I was shocked but not surprised to read a prediction from Forrester that 1M B2B sales jobs will be lost in the USA by 2020.  So where are they going? To B2B eCommerce with the customer in self-service they will not always require the services of a salesperson.

I checked the date, it was not April Fool’s Day, and the report can be found by clicking here. An analysis by an independent writer can be found here.  The Harvard Business Review has picked up on the story and provided some survival strategies.

If you are checking out in the next 5 years keep at it. If you are building a career in sales and see your horizon past 5 – 10 years then this is a good time to develop your personal strategy. Whatever you do, do something even if it is just to think about your brand and how you project that.

Click here to learn about the forces that are threatening B2B sales jobs.

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Take a look into the future and read the book Fast Forward for upcoming industries that will be rich in jobs.

Caption from Forrester report on its TOC.

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Care to guess what the impact will be in Europe?