Interesting set of predictions.  Everything below is already available so the thing we need to figure out is what the ‘impact’ will be on the way we work.  Can you describe that?  For some that will be a personal choice and for others imposed.  For myself, it can be haphazard dealing with shifting priorities, start- stop – start over, need this information, hang on need to connect with so and so before I reply to that email, gotta go out now and I didn’t finish that proposal so I’ll have to do it on the move. For my part my working life uses every element below but I don’t think in terms of ‘tech tools’ I am thinking about the ‘work’ I need to complete and then the tool gets selected and they have to be accessible from anywhere and on any device and easy to use.  How do you organise your work?

The thing that is missing below in my opinion is high quality high reliability voice recognition speech to text and vice-versa.  It is not that I hate my keyboard but I never learned to touch type and my brain functions at a speed my fingers can not.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could do my work in half the time then I could ….

So, how many of these tech tools are you using today?  Perhaps answer that in your personal life and your work life and compare.  Is there a gap?

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