It seems that Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword and tagged everywhere.

As a golfer I was intrigued to see Callaway ‘AI tag’ their golf clubs. I smiled when I read that AI assisted design of the golf club and would help an expert golfer achieve an increase in ball speed by as much as three to five miles per hour, translating to 5 to 10 yards more distance and completely change the strategy off the tee. That is a little different to my AI (“Actual Intent”) strategy; let’s just keep this on the fairway Frank where at least I have a decent lie for my next shot 🙂

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On my early morning coffee + quiet reading and research explorations I found this wonderful treasure trove of data on Artificial Intelligence.

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Dig in at and learn more about the ascension of AI.

You can take an online course with a certificate and be learned in Cognitive Project Management for Artificial Intelligence (CPMAI) Methodology for the sum of $2495. Tempted? Given the incredible amount of investment going into AI this may be a good $earner. Maybe apply some AI to your decision-making?

Finally, anyone in the tech sector will be familiar with the term ‘best practice’. I found this resource with case studies of those organisations that have dived into AI. I am not endorsing it, just bringing it to your attention.