When its BAU the focus is more on execution than innovation. When you are in crisis then innovation comes to the fore. Tech is in a continuous state of innovation and that generally exceeds our capacity to absorb it in everyday life. Proof? Moving your meetings online with video conferencing (Zoom Teams, Skype) should be straightforward enough – it is for some, and utterly baffling for others.

Homeworking for many is the new norm. What’s next? Universal Basic Income for those with no jobs to return to after we quell the Covid-19 pandemic (or is that a plandemic)? Mandatory vaccinations for everyone? A haircut on personal savings to pay for the Covid-19 debt?

At times like this you may want to bury your head in the sand.

If that is not for you, cos you are a big thinker, then you will find this a valuable go to resource. IT IS FREE!

It is a product of the World Economic Forum so you might to check out who is behind the WEF so you are comfortable with the agenda https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Economic_Forum#Membership

Click here to access the resource.

My closing thought. I am perturbed by the lack of critical thinking that has resulted in people (during Covid-19 lockdown) not questioning the news that, it appears to me, spreads fear and panic among the population. To what end? To test how easily we can be controlled?