As we enter a new year we often review our work situation and for that matter organisations also review their staffing needs.  In the January 2015 issue of The Economist the front cover had the headline ‘Workers on Tap’ with the subtitle ‘Technology, freelancing and the future of the labour market’.  Reading the story in The Economist it is now apparent that technology (and the Internet) is so pervasive in our lives that it is now shaping society and that includes work alongside how we learn, socialise and amuse ourselves.

So what?

At one time IT solved the processing of data and delivered productivity benefits where today it is a potent force that is shaping how society functions.  Selling technology just got a whole lot more interesting and at the same time complex with so much to consider.  Read the article I refer to above by clicking here.

Those I have shared The Economist article with have recoiled in particular those that have enjoyed the apparent security of employment in a large organisation.  Many of those jobs are coming to an end particularly in the UK public sector as administrative jobs are replaced with online self-service.  The private sector is providing jobs particularly among SMEs but these jobs often don’t have the perks of the public sector or big company.

Workers on Tap –  It is a sparky conversation as my own conversations revealed.

It is not a subject for everyone but the better informed you are about how employers are thinking and how the jobs market is evolving then you will be in a stronger position than those that put their fingers in their ears because it is an uncomfortable conversation.

Charles Handy’s books are other good sources of reference if this subject matter interest you – that is, you have a job or fear you may not have a job soon!