The book is currently in its fourth revision and last published March 2012 as an eBook. It is available to download from the Microsoft Partner Network or go to Amazon to buy the book.

I decided I would write a book to help Microsoft partners understand the business opportunity that Microsoft presented as ‘online services’. I invited Dan Lewis to co-write with me, I looked at the business opportunities and Dan handled explaining the product and technical aspects. We created a book that could be read in 20 – 25 minutes and appeal to a wide range of audiences in the Microsoft ecosystem.

History of the books

2009.  The first book Thinking of Selling…Microsoft BPOS? was launched and on the shelves of the Microsoft conference bookshop at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2009.  A modest start, some sales were made and importantly the timing was right as Microsoft put their partners on notice that things were changing.
2010.  The book was revised with the launch of Microsoft Online Services and distributed by Microsoft to visitors in the Online Services Hall at WPC 2010.  It sold out on Day 1, we had hit the big time.  In the same year Microsoft Australia commissioned the book Thinking of…Selling Microsoft Online Services in Australia? This version of the book localised the content to Australia and Microsoft’s strategic alliance with Telstra.
2011.  In July 2011 with the launch of Office 365 the book was revised again and taken to WPC 2011. This is one well-travelled book.
2012.  In June 2012 the book was made available as an eBook download to Microsoft’s global partner community by accessing Microsoft Partner Network (MPN).
It is the only book that is written for Microsoft partners that helps them to evaluate and guide them to make a decision about joining the Microsoft Online Services Program (MOSP) as a reseller of Office 365.
It is not a done deal!
Office 365 is now firmly established with many millions of users globally although Microsoft has not declared the actual number of seats.  The challenge ahead is to on-board the Microsoft partner community to challenge for the sale of Office 365 to existing Microsoft customers as it is sitting duck and a target for competitors such as Google.
Major market opportunity.
At the time of publication of this post Gartner has estimated there are 50M users of ‘office in the cloud’ a generic term to describe the office productivity tools for email, calendar, document creation and sharing available as SaaS.  Their forecast for this to grow to 700M users by 2022  That is a 14 fold increase in the adoption of of ‘office in the cloud’.  Run the numbers at $50 per seat per annum and you have a revenue stream of $35Bn available to share out in 2022.  Small wonder the giants of Microsoft and Google and others are going head to head.
Fastest-growing corporate product ever.
At Microsoft’s 2014 Worldwide Partner Conference they reported Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest-growing corporate product ever and is on a $2.5+ billion per year run rate.