I have just reviewed a conversation where it was told ‘if you don’t have a Klout score of 60′ we are not interested in you.  That conversation was between Mark Schaefer and Sandy Carter.

So like many people I strive to network and I am a prolific user of LinkedIn (joined Dec 24 2003) and a Twitter user and author of seven books on cloud computing.  My Klout score as of 16 – 4 – 2015 is 30.  Oh dear I’m not very interesting then.  Sigh.  I just been invited to speak at Sales Innovation Expo 2015 on social selling then I perhaps I can take heart from that.

My ambition is in 45 days to grow my Klout score from 30 to 60.  How am I going to do that?  I’ll tell you in another blog if I succeed and how I did it.  Will I be a better person with a score of 60?  No I don’t think so but at least I will no longer be in the ‘not interested’ category.

I am not being cynical but this is a bit of a game and I am now a player.

Illustration attributed Sean R Nicholson with use under Creative Commons License.