In a landmark ruling the EU has rescinded Safe Harbour. So what?

That depends whether you are a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) and where in the world your datacentres are located. If you are a customer of a CSP and have your data stored in the cloud it is often case you don’t where (country) your data is stored. The geo-location of data is oft referenced as ‘data sovereignty‘ and is a hot topic for businesses and consumers that are concerned about the governing legislation that protects the privacy of their data.

Data Privacy is a regular feature in the news and results in a clamour of media asserting the rights of individuals to have their data remain private and the responsibility of those that are custodians of that data to be held accountable when that privacy is violated. That violation can sometimes be a result of a tech glitch (Marks&Spencers) or cyber attack (Talk Talk). If want to know about your legal remedy if you have been affected then click here.

Returning to Safe Harbour, the EU ruling has implications as succinctly explained in this article.

With the news that EU has rescinded Safe Harbour, what’s next?

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