So I randomly find an article by McKinsey Digital while researching the use of digital in charities. That article headline is ‘How digital is changing leadership roles and responsibilities’. You can access the article when you click here.

I read on and find this passage: ‘having more digital leaders at the CxO-level doesn’t necessarily make the technology function of an organization better. Appointing a chief digital officer doesn’t necessarily make a company more effective in developing and deploying digital solutions. Even more striking, adding these new roles without an aligned operating model can actually lead to more confusion, power struggles, and a negative effect on the company’s overall IT performance.’

I pick out in bold what caught my attention. Why? This is exactly what I wrote about with my co-authors in a book titled ‘Thinking of Building a Microsoft Cloud Operating Model? Ask the Smart Questions.

Curious to know why you need an operating model then click here and all will be revealed.

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