Talk to a MBA student and they will tell you about the ‘models’ they learn and how they shape organisations.

For the first time in my life as an author I have contributed to a team of authors writing about a model that is topical as cloud computing is now mainstream in organisations of all sizes.  Indeed, a business I am bootstrapping relies totally on cloud services from Microsoft, WordPress, WooCommerce, Xero and some IP delivered in the cloud that is secret.

A model for Cloud Computing

Who needs a model?

Large organisations that have complex IT and total reliance on the functioning of IT 24/7 to support their day-to-day business.

Why is that?

We answer that in the book about the phenomenon that is ‘cloud’ and how that is transforming how organisations organise their work.

The book is in two volumes, one for the business (written in business speak) teams and one for the technical teams.


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The authors are grateful to our reviewers:

“Building a Microsoft Cloud Operating Model is a must read for leaders looking to understand how the rules of the game have changed, and importantly how to unlock the value that comes with the right model, great technologies and engaged people.

I love the fact it’s practical and serves as a useful guide for those driving change and innovation in their business.”

Clare Barclay, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft UK

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